SMS in Examinare Survey Tools.

Examinare SMS Credits make it possible to send out SMS to the recipients from your account. Any used SMS Credit consists of 3 normal SMSes supporting up to 3 times as much as a normal SMS and supports any language and encoding. You can easily organize SMS sending after ordering the desired amount of SMS Credits to your Examinare account.

After the order, you will be enabled to send SMS to any phone number in the world. We guarantee that your customers will receive your messages in full, thus the text will be readable and the links working. We appreciate your trust and aim to deliver the most high-quality service. If any message goes undelivered, then the SMS cost will be credited and returned to your account. You pay only for the delivered SMSes.

One Examinare SMS Credit is designed for 1 Survey Invite / Recipient. Thereby, if you want to send text messages to 200 recipients, then you will need to order 200 SMS Credits to your account. If you also wish to send reminders to the same recipients, you will need to top-up your account with more credits. We normally recommend to presume about 50-60% of your respondent base for the reminders. For example, if you plan 500 sendings of the first survey invite by SMS, then you should presume another 250-300 SMS sending for the reminders. The total, in this case, would be 750-800 SMS credits.

How to order.

To order contact support on from the responsible person's email address and include the CompanyID for the account where the SMS-es needs to be added.


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